Elon Musk Announces An Array Of Exciting Endeavors For Twitter And The Launch Of His New AI Platform TruthGPT

Elon Musk is working round the clock on a number of different projects, not to mention handling his already long list of companies including Twitter, Tesla, and SpaceX.

But now, we’re hearing more about the tech billionaire launching his own AI platform called TruthGPT. And in case the news has your hearts racing for all the wrong reasons, he vows it won’t annihilate humans, despite the massive capability that it possesses.

Elon entering the AI race was a long time coming. After all, he was one of the co-founders of OpenAI.

Musk sat down for a recent interview to detail more about the project and how his goal is to make it much more different than Google’s chatbot Bard, Microsoft’s Bing, and OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

He added how there was a sense of humility in him to care for the universe and not just generate revenue so his tool would make sure that occurs.

The tool, as per Musk, is designed to seek the truth of the universe through the power of AI technology. Similarly, Musk admitted how he was well aware of how many things could go wrong with AI and how it held the capability of destruction if allowed to function without management.

When Musk was the co-founder of OpenAI, he donated $100 million to the project but at the time, it was set to be non-profit, he confirmed. But with time, he was seen butting heads with directors and it was not long before he opted to part from the organization as they failed to see his perspective.

Moving on to the world of Twitter, Elon Musk was seen issuing a new warning for Twitter users about the arrival of encrypted DMs on the app soon. The tech billionaire says it’s time the platform stepped up its privacy and security game, making it harder than ever for intelligence agencies to gain access to its private communications.

The news comes as the world’s second richest person sat down for a one-on-one exclusive chat with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson which would be aired on Monday night.

It was only recently that we saw Musk made headlines for revealing how officials from the US government had full access to the app, including private DM chats of users. He says that he wasn’t aware of this until recently. Hence, it might be the best time to launch encrypted DMs, he confirmed.

While the news sounds great, we’re not quite sure when or if it would happen. Remember, we’ve been hearing about Elon Musk making such promises regarding Twitter’s encryption ever since he took charge in November of 2022.

Carlson called the shocking revelation of access to Twitter by officials in the government to be a scary affair and Musk firmly agreed. This is how the entire conversation regarding encryption began in the first place.

Next up, we’re hearing more news about how Twitter is now bringing keyword targeting for its advertisements. The first time that we saw the popular microblogging website launch was way back in 2013 but it seems like Musk is keen on relaunching it.

Keyword targeting for ads is something that the tech billionaire feels was a long time coming, shocked to hear that Twitter was functioning without it for so long. Elon Musk has always mocked the stupidity with which the previous management of the company functioned, and he says this was a clear golden opportunity that he missed out upon.

And to further provide reassurance to the app’s advertisers, Elon Musk is making tweaks to his moderation policy. By this, we mean enhancing the visibility of posts where reach is limited by tagging.

Clearly, there’s a lot on offer but with Musk involved, should we really be surprised?

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