Snapchat Unveils A Host Of New And Exciting Updates With Tools At Its Annual Partner Summit

Snapchat went full throttle at its yearly Partner Summit exhibit that was recently held.

The company previewed a long list of exciting new updates with some fabulous tools. It similarly shared some great stats regarding usage trends, changing behaviors of consumers, and more.

There is a huge mountain to get through this but we’ve unveiled some key findings for your convenience below.

For starters, the app is giving insights on adopting AI technology through its My AI Chat assistant. This innovative tool was rolled out in February of this year and facilitates nearly 2 million chats on a daily basis. It has a long list of purposes that alights with the great popularity that AI technology comes with and how it could be used against various apps.

By the looks of it, the company seems to be going strong on this generative AI wave as it was previously only up for grabs for those with a paid Snapchat+ subscription. Now, it will enable people to make use of this option inside chat inboxes.

Additionally, Snapchat says it’s adding a host of interesting AI features such as the change to customize the My AI avatar. You can soon add the latter to your chats with contacts.

Similarly, the company shared how it’s working hard to incorporate a new image creation feature where users can interact with My AI visual cues. The tool is designed to produce visual replies. Moreover, the company mentioned how it is experimenting with this to attain more subscribers for its premium offering but as a whole, it’s a new feature that Snapchatters can engage with through virtual assistant.

Next, the app is working on adding a new type of AR Lens that entails the great world of generative AI technology. Thanks to the new Cosmic Lens on offer as a part of the integration, these features can adapt to change depending on user inputs.

For now, it’s quite clear that AI is trending and it’s the hottest feature up for grabs in the tech world. So seeing apps like Snapchat expand on this front to gather more interest and allow people to interact more makes sense.

We should be seeing this endeavor roll out in the next few months.

Meanwhile, the company is also looking for more ways to give its creators a golden chance to monetize through the app. This would be through an expansion of its Stories Share Initiative.

Here is where users of the app having at least 50,000 followers, 25 million views, and more than 12,000 hours of combined view time could qualify for this endeavor.

Those signing up for it will be eligible to have ads put on display within Stories and this kind of expansion means more creators of Snap get the chance to offer direct income through Snap content.

Another addition would be an expansion of the app’s public Stories where users could benefit from maximal reach and discovery. The company made the announcement today through its blog post where they revealed how the decision is taken for users that are 18 and above who can put Public Stories using just a single tap. Simply open up your camera, make a Snap, and share it with friends or include it as a part of your Public Story. The best bit is, you can do it through the same account.

Users can also expect to see more content through the app’s Snap Map through Place Tags. This would highlight Snaps from a particular spot which would be a great way to boost reach from audience members.

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