YouTube’s Help Forum Announces Big Changes Including Disabling New Posts And Comments As App Switches To ‘Read Only’ Format

YouTube’s English Help Forum says it is making some big changes including disabling all new comments and posts. The news comes as it takes on several amendments that are all set to arise in the next few months.

The app confirmed how several threads do exist that aren’t relevant for user-type discussions as plenty of large queries don’t get answered. It knows how there turns out to be plenty of posts that arise in the spam category while others are linked to the self-promotion subheading.

If you look at things from an ideal scenario, the firm says it wishes the central Help Forum to turn into a place where both users of the app and some creators start to discuss the app with one another. Similarly, the goal is to share some tips and creativity on how users could assist one another so they attain the most out of the app’s goods and services.

To make sure it reaches that point in time, the platform adds how it is currently running a series of trials so people get a clearer picture of its road map and how it hopes to alter this in the next few months. And that could produce a brand new homepage with plenty of new threads and some category boards.

During this point in time, the app says it hopes to disable putting out new threads and putting out comments on its Help Forum that arises in the English language. However, those in other languages aren’t impacted as much as the rest as several other separate areas are going to experience quality user queries and replies in a very timely ordeal. In the meantime, the company says that its forum on YouTube Music continues to be around.

So much content remains and it’s up for grabs in terms of it being published and read. YouTube is still making use of this platform for bigger announcements linked to changes in its products and any major issues that pop up.

As far as providing support is concerned, the app’s users are informed to contact the app’s support team and that entails things like account hijackings.

In the past year, we saw the app gain more and more support and the company says the goal is to give its users the chance to see double the number of partners and creators so they attain help in real time.

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