YouTube has added new features to help increase the number of views as well as give more monetization opportunities

Creator Insider, an informal YouTube channel known for sharing insights on the latest developments made by developers to help their YouTube creators as well as their community, is back again with another video highlighting some of the latest updates being added to the platform.

Starting with the first update a few weeks ago, Creator Insider covered the expansion of the latest feature, named Multi-Language Audio (MLA). The expansion was covered during an interview with Mr. Beast, a famous YouTuber, and philanthropist. As the development team is continuously working to make the Multi-Language feature available to more YouTube creators, it is also important to update the users about the metrics based on which it will be launched. The platform has decided to introduce a new metric in analytics for those creators who dub their content in more than one language.

These latest metrics will help the creators better understand viewer activity based on geography and the language in which the audio is dubbed. Metrics will be observing the number of views, watch times, and average duration of watch time, among other things. The main objective behind the update is to assist creators in better understanding how their communities are responding when MLA is used. These updated metrics can be accessed through a new audio track report at both the channel and video levels.

According to Creator Insider, the channel received a positive response when they interviewed Mr. Beast, and as a result, the channel shared the details of an interview conducted by the director of search and discovery of the channel with Mr. Beast, in which they discussed how the number of views can be increased.

Moving on to the next update, users will now be able to share links to audio pivot pages on YouTube Shorts. For creators, sharing links will make it easy for them to promote themselves. These links can be shared by clicking the three dots available on the top right corner of the pivot page.

In the end, some frequently asked questions regarding profanity were also answered. According to the channel, profanity used to be searched in the initial thirty seconds, but now the duration will start at fifteen seconds. As a result, monetization opportunities can be increased for the artists. While talking about harsh profanity, it was shared that if a piece of content is full of profanity, it will be placed under repetitive. And lastly, content that was removed from monetization based on November’s guidelines will be re-reviewed.

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