Top YouTubers Are Sharing Their Payouts With Experiences Regarding The Shorts Monetization Program

It was early last month when we heard about YouTube sharing ad revenue from Shorts with its creators on the app.

The news was adored by plenty as they felt they were finally being treated for their hard work. Through the new Shorts Monetization Program, YouTube is giving creators a share of the ad revenue generated depending on the view count for the content produced.

A lot of creators went public with how much money they managed to earn through such an initiative after just one month. Similarly, they also shared their overall experiences and we’re delineating them for you below.

It was the latter part of 2022 when YouTube went public with the decision to help creators earn more money while promoting its Shorts campaign. In case you did not know, Shorts really does generate a lot of revenue for the app and it makes sense as to why such a paid program was rolled out in the first place.

Similarly, we saw some creators switch from TikTok to YouTube just so they could take part in this great money-making venture, and by the looks of it, things seem to be going great so far.

Creator James Seo happened to be one of those creators who says that he managed to produce a staggering $1455 with his Shorts content after receiving 32 million views. And that’s the equivalent of $0.04 for every 1000 views generated.

He further revealed how he was not overwhelmed by the figure nor did he feel underwhelmed. Moreover, he never relies on the likes of apps for his final income so this served as an added bonus for him.

Moreover, a total of seven different creators were seen sharing how much they ended up earning during the program’s launch. Obviously, the figure was different for each person but as a whole, some felt it was fairly less than what they were really expecting. But still, since the venture is new and it would take time for many to get acclimatized too, the figures were not bad.

As a whole, there was plenty of optimism regarding the endeavor. Meanwhile, two creators were seen speaking about how the revenue generated from Shorts was far less than what they make on longer-form content. But the fact that they end up gaining so much more exposure on Shorts really makes them realize that this sort of posting might really be worth it after all.

Then we had YouTuber Julia McNamee speak about her experience as well. She made around $3 from shorts but $585 from longer-form videos. And that’s interesting because her Shorts were shown at least 83,000 times in the feed and really did give rise to good visibility. Another creator by the name of Riley Lemon agreed with this and she surprisingly has around 92,000 followers on her channel.

Lemon further elaborated on how things like perspective do matter at the end of the day. No one is dumb enough to quit a regular job for the sake of just doing Shorts because that would never generate enough revenue for them. But at the same time, the whole experience is just another great opportunity to make your brand fully grow on YouTube which most creators aren’t able to achieve.

Another creator by the likes of Thomas Walters who happens to be the CEO of the leading influencer-based marketing agency called Billion Dollar Boy spoke about how the real gift at the end of the day has to do with a great earnings potential that arises with different brand deals.

With the right visibility attained through Shorts, you can really get great positivity and attain the right focus to keep you on the track to success.

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