TikTok Is Launching A New Science And Technology Feed That Will Showcase Educational Videos

TikTok has been under the radar for quite some time now and it appears the company is trying to do whatever it can to overcome the great scrutiny that it’s surrounded with.

For those that may not be aware, the leading social media app has a huge science community and this company is now making the effort to make its users aware of how much it promotes educational content too, other than the usual entertainment content.

Therefore, the leading app is on a mission to launch a new feed called STEM. This term represents science, technology, engineering, and math. And it’s designed to help provide users with some useful information while they scroll long hours on the app.

The company says the venture is designed to help people learn more about coding and will also enable them to discuss experiments of different kinds without the need to walk through TikTok’s usual entertainment-based videos.

There are no surprises here that TikTok is doing a lot to help get rid of misinformation on the app and it promises to go full throttle with that goal using this program.

Not only will we be seeing Curator Common Sense Networks study more content to ensure its relevance for the feed but there will also be active fact-checkers that determine accuracy. Moreover, any video-based content that doesn’t pass on such inspections will not be allowed to be published on the users’ feeds.

We won’t lie, by the sounds of it, there are a lot of promising features on offer and it does seem to be a great endeavor.

American users will even begin seeing the STEM feed launch on their apps in the next few weeks, the company confirmed today.

As it is, TikTok has been working hard in terms of conducting some great experiments to get fans to enjoy themes like sports and games. Hence, seeing this science-based feed is definitely an expansion of this idea.

But we must add that this launch is nothing shocking. So many educational institutions and governments are worried about the app harming both kids and teenagers. It has happened to a point where even schools are filing lawsuits against the platform for the great mental health issues that kids appear to be suffering from.

The STEM feed is designed to bring ahead a positive space that’s solely dedicated to inspiration, co-learning, and the likes of enrichment. Moreover, it’s quite lucrative as explained by TikTok. And we can see how popular these hashtags have ended up being and how many billions of views it continues to achieve.

But we are not quite sure if all of this is going to assist with the platform’s survival in America as that’s another issue altogether. So many politicians wish to ban the app completely in the country as they feel it’s a huge threat to America’s national security.

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