YouTube Beats Instagram In Popularity And Becomes Front Runner In The Shorts War

There are a lot of things happening in the social media world today. Apps are making big changes, some are being loved while others are not so much.

It's unlimited success for platforms like YouTube which appears to be winning the Shorts war. Moreover, we’ve seen it edge over the likes of Instagram in terms of popularity. And with the growing threat of TikTok looming across many people’s heads in the US, it’s time to pay a little heed to what’s really going on.

The race to attain the leading position in terms of shorter content was always in Instagram’s favor, thanks to its Reels. The latter really made it big in the middle of 2020. People were awestruck at what was taking place as YouTube was far behind.

But keeping in mind today’s trend in 2023, it’s a whole different ballgame. We’re seeing YouTube Shorts attain immense success in such a short span of time.

YouTube has always been in the driving seat when it came down to creating the right audience. The reason why was simple. Creators are making more money on this app than anywhere else so why should they leave?

The app pays those who create content on the basis of CPM. So every thousand views get nearly $7 to $18. And when you compare it to TikTok’s Creator Fund, that’s a mere $0.04 for the same number of views.

And then you’ve got Instagram which is paying just for the sake of brand deals. So as a result, more creators continue to flock to the app on a daily basis because this is where the money is at.

The difference is so much that people would rather take the option of 100K on YouTube over when compared to 1 million subscribers across the likes of TikTok. But that’s not all.

Subscribers on the YouTube app are so much more likely to help their creators in terms of offering support for their respective brands. And it’s due to the type of relationships created by vlogs with the respective viewer.

So the moral of the story here is to stick to Short content as the probability of it going viral is likely very high.

Top organic video marketing expert Isaac outlined some important tips when starting out to get your desirable reach and revenue. For starters, grab your viewers’ attention with the help of short content. Next, provide education with longer content. And third, be consistent as success comes to those who are patient.

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