Windows 7 Usage Is Declining As Userbase Reduces To Half After Discontinued Support

If the new group of statistics is to be believed, then we could be seeing Windows 7 undergo abandonment finally.

The news comes after the operating system’s user base was reduced by 50% after the OS support was completely stopped. Moreover, the end of Windows 8.1 is also coming near as its user base underwent similar changes.

This was recently unveiled by figures and findings by Statcounter. It clearly displayed how the market share for Windows 7 fell drastically when compared to all other versions up for grabs.

Therefore, you can see how Windows 7’s shares dropped from nearly 9.5% to around 5.3% which is a major slide. In the same way, Windows 8 completely went down 50% from 2.2% to around 1.1%.

The key finding to note over here is how crucial timing is and how Windows 8 completely withdrew support in January this year. Let's not forget how Windows 7 was completely unsupported by the company in January 2020. And since that time, we saw it undergo a period of ESU which underwent expiration during this year’s start.

Since Windows 8.1 is not getting the ESU program, both Windows 7 and 8 systems are being completely scrapped and devoid of any major security updates. That is a clear finding of how it’s no longer safe to run this. And keeping in mind figures for February, it means we might be seeing results pop up of that endeavor very soon.

But the question now is where is the user base traveling to? For now, it seems like it might be getting transferred to Windows 10 and that was getting a huge rise of 4.4% so the shares in the market for this month would reach a staggering value of 73%. Meanwhile, the Windows 11 rankings seemed to be at a major high and getting a rise as they reached 19.1% of the complete share. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure. Windows 10 is leading the pack here in terms of some major gains.

When we sit down and analyze such results, we can clearly see how such findings were quite predictable. Remember, when we take factors like support and even updates related to security into consideration and how they’ve been scrapped for both of Microsoft’s leading systems, this was expected.

But the past has proven to us how many people adore their favorite OS and go above and beyond its security date. And in case there was ever some sort of testament to this, it would clearly be Windows XP. Remember, the latter continues to hold a staggering market share of two years and that’s when it ran out of support, just 15 years after its respective arrival.

Still, we saw XP users, even if it was small, arise when the operating system turned 20. How is that for some loyalty? Soon, many called this particular Windows XP a system that just did not want to die down.

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