Instagram Ensures Its Platform Is Safe For Young Audiences By Expanding Tools For Age Verification

It was way back in June of last year that we heard about Instagram launching its new tool for age verification.

The company announced how the goal was to allow for more transparency on the app with such endeavors. And now that we’ve entered March of 2023, the platform is launching this feature in different nations such as Australia, Japan, Europe, Mexico, and Canada.

As mentioned in the past, the app began this new endeavor back in June of last year and it required users to confirm through this tool that they were indeed meeting the age criteria outlined in Instagram’s policy.

While this is not applicable to all of the app’s users, it does tend to pop up in some situations. For instance, when users fall under the below-18 age criteria and due for some reason end up opting to alter their birthday to another year. This is usually seen when it comes to those trying to find the right verification that makes them legal to use the app.

There are a total of three ways through which users can submit copies of their respective IDs. In addition to that, they can put up a video selfie on Yoti. The latter is the app’s verification partner. This is what specializes in things like online age verification.

And after that, the user may end up reaching out to others on the app so they can better verify age. But a lot of people are questioning why such verification processes were rolled out at the start.

Instagram always wished to provide the right experiences to so many age groups. And that was right when it came down to teenagers. For most of it, this is a very small sample of what the app has been trying to do for a while. They wish to make Instagram a great and safe place for not only some users but for bigger audiences.

Before this rollout, we saw Instagram undergoing an expansion of its verification system to several nations such as Brazil and even India. As there are users growing each day, this must be great news.

But that’s not the only protection it hopes to roll out. Others include safeguards where users can take a step back from the app and choose to disconnect completely, when and if they want to. But at the same time, they can continue to put the content in focus.

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