ChatGPT Now Rivals Bing in Terms of Web Traffic

The arrival of ChatGPT is likely going to be the tech news story of the year. It became the fastest app to ever reach one hundred million active users with all things having been considered and taken into account, beating the previous regard by a large margin. It turns out that the ChatGPT website has also been seeing a tremendous amount of success, at least in terms of web traffic.

The number of users that visited ChatGPT increased by as much as 85% in the first 25 days of February. With 40 million users now going to ChatGPT on a daily basis, it seems like the AI chatbot is set to surpass several sites that have been operational for far longer.

For example, Bing has been around since 2009. In spite of the fact that this is the case, ChatGPT just equalled the Microsoft search engine’s web traffic. This is quite interesting since Microsoft has been incorporating an advanced version of ChatGPT into its search engine, but that hasn’t done much to make it more successful than might have been the case otherwise.

Indeed, it seems like Microsoft’s experiment was little more than a flash in the pan which didn’t do the company much good. This does not necessarily mean that Bing is down and out, but it does suggest that ChatGPT’s growth rate is so fast that there is no telling what other records it could end up breaking in due course.
With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that a huge chunk of the traffic that goes to ChatGPT comes from two countries, namely India and the US. 11.27% of ChatGPT users hail from America, whereas 11.17% are based in India.

The diversity of language options for the chatbot might have had a role to play here. India is going to be the single biggest tech market in the near future, and ChatGPT’s appeal to the Indian populace could do a lot to help it grow further at an extremely rapid rate in the long term.

H/T: Similarweb

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