Web data is a game changer for business professionals according to this study

A new study from Bright Data shows that publicly available online data is now being used decisively by U.S. business professionals as their marketing strategy and that most of them cannot operate without it. This survey on publicly available data made us all aware of its relevance. The market research firm, Vanson Bourne, conducted a poll of U.S. business owners, including those who work in IT, data analytics, and technology.

According to the CEO of Bright Data, publicly available data should continue to be accessible equally to both professionals and the general public and not just for the powerful ones.

As a result of the survey, 94% of respondents use public data every day for their operations, while 100% use it in their operations.

The businesses use 61% of the web data for price comparisons and 17% for research. Additionally, 40% of its usage is for harmful content.

Nonetheless, 79% claim that they won't be able to work efficiently without access to the data that is openly accessible. According to 73%, many business professionals won't be able to accomplish their targeted objectives.

But the real question, though, is why publicly available data is crucial for company founders. Having access to open data enables having more tools and knowledge to support and fuel the work. Sharing data is advantageous for both businesses and consumers, who will have a greater selection of products to pick from when making a purchase. It would be an understatement to say that publicly available web data is a big game changer.

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