Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller Reveals Tips On How To Land Jobs At Top Tech Companies

Today’s world is as competitive as it gets. We’re looking at some of the biggest companies being stricter in terms of hiring. But if you happen to be wondering what’s the secret behind the process, you might want to read on.

John Mueller is Google’s top search advocate and now, he’s giving out some interesting work-related tips on how you can get hired at a leading tech firm.

A recently published thread on Reddit saw one user asking for some much-needed advice on how to really land a great job at one of the biggest tech firms out there, Google.

The company’s Search Advocate, John Mueller has reportedly been with the firm since the year 2007, and he really did manage to give out a great response with plenty of valuable insights.

He knows that many feel that landing a job at the search engine giant can be an absolute dream journey. But it’s crucial to keep in mind that hiring in such firms as large and complex as Google is always a competitive affair.

Nevertheless, with such great advice, so many job applicants can really do a great job at positioning themselves to get what they’ve longed for so long. Moreover, Mueller added how those trying to increase their chances of getting a dream job can do so with a simple guide.

This entails making more contacts, getting ready for interviews, and building some great skills along the way too. So we’re going to be discussing each one of those in detail for you below.

Firstly, the goal is to enhance your skills and get the right contacts from the industry. Mueller says that there are some great job applicants out there that really take out due time to get their skills on point and attain knowledge of a certain degree while trying to know more people.

For that, he advises studying and contributing more to projects that are more open-source in nature, despite it not being coding. Moreover, these efforts end up putting the user in the driving seat whenever job openings come again.

While he does work for Google, Mueller says that he can’t speak on behalf of the firm. But keeping in mind the current economic situation, he does recommend people to get on board with some great skills and some wonderful knowledge of a certain degree.

That would seriously make you look into jobs after things start to pick up the pace. And until then, don’t slack off, he adds.

This happens to be the time to build more contacts in the industry. And remember, this also happens to be the time when a lot of people are putting a pause on hiring and focusing more on carrying out layoffs.

As you can imagine, getting jobs in such downturn economic situations can be hard and very chaotic. So you might want to wait for things to get better with time instead of rushing.

Next, he says it’s time to start seeing more openings for jobs and that means preparing full throttle for interviews. A lot of training is necessary depending on what type of position you might be willing to attain.

A good tip by Mueller is to find a person that might be in the same rank that you happen to be interested in. Meet them and start to ask them questions.

Once you start answering queries in an objective manner and provide the necessary stats with that instead of personal opinions, you’ve already won.

Hence, the moral is to keep an eye out for job postings and start interview training regarding such postings. After all. It’s great to be a smart person and go into something that is less stressful by having a knowledgeable background of what’s going on.

As far as coding is concerned, Mueller says to read books to get handy tips. Meanwhile, for the likes of non-coding, there might be books too but knowing someone that’s familiar with such domains is always helpful.

Last but not least, he says that the motto should always be linked to never getting discouraged. Don’t get your hopes up and don’t focus on just one firm or a single location.

Even if your interview goes fabulous, it does not mean you’ve gotten the job.

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