Microsoft Gives Users More AI Benefits By Adding ChatGPT To Its Word, Excel, And Office Software

Microsoft is really moving full throttle in the world of AI as the company opts to include it in its Word, Excel, and Office software.

The computational giant says it is working hard in terms of incorporating AI elements into users’ hands so they can reap the benefits. This came as a part of so many unveilings that arose from fellow arch-rival firm Google which opted to upgrade its own software for a similar offering.

Microsoft was seen taking part in a pilot of its new AI that has to do with Microsoft 365 and its respective product suite including Word documents, spreadsheets from Excel, presentations on PowerPoint, and emails through Outlook.

Firstly, it has been very open to selecting business clients for the sake of testing and hence is keen on giving these out as drafts in such apps. The goal is to assist with swift content creation, and freeing time belonging to workers, the firm added.

The company is really doing a great job in terms of its investments in this field while working by the side of ChatGPT’s makers OpenAI. It was seen putting out new business chat experiences which can pull data and perform tasks across so many apps depending on the command written by a user.

The company says it really does believe in this new AI generation as being the wave of new growth. Moreover, for experts, this is just more proof of how hard tech giants seem to be working to cut out the competition by putting out software that alters the way people work.

At the center of this realm, we’ve got Microsoft and Alphabet. The latter mentioned a few days back how it was keen on adding AI elements to its respective tools like Gmail and beyond so users could benefit.

We need to note how the offerings by both Microsoft and Google are very similar. It’s a frenzy that’s designed for the sake of investments so new products can arrive and work on to build on the whole ChatGPT endeavor. Remember, the demand is there so people are loving the use of it so why not add it to more tools for greater efficiency, right?

This is a huge update on the part of Microsoft which says it can bring out a new world of computer-based wizardry on its Excel software.

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