Twitter’s New Alternative Called Bluesky Is Hitting The App Stores With Support From Jack Dorsey

It’s not the news that Elon Musk would want to hear but a new alternative app to Twitter is on offer at the App Store.

Bluesky Social is interestingly backed up by the likes of Twitter’s co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey and that is what makes this a very unique project that’s not going unnoticed.

So many testers are getting access to it and we’re still waiting for some genuine responses. For now, the app is only for those getting an invite but we might be seeing that change soon as it flourishes on Apple’s App Store.

These are some of the key signs of how a public release might be coming sooner than later and we can’t wait for the public launch.

For now, we are yet to hear more news on this front from the company itself which last updated the world in October of last year. This is when we became aware of its blog that showed the current status of the entire protocol that’s working and how it’s powering the new app which holds great resemblance to the Twitter alternative.

For now, the app’s main focus is on authenticated transfer protocol or AT. It’s all quite similar to Mastodon’s functioning where it makes federated and decentralized social networks. But at the same time, it houses plenty of criticism from other critics and experts in the field.

They pointed out how the concept of ActivityPub is powering a mega program of servers that are interconnected. And it’s just something that has been getting a lot of traction ever since we saw the likes of Musk takeover Twitter last year.

So many users left Twitter for another option called Mastodon that they felt was more decentralized. So many other firms are committed to embracing the standard and these plans went public today.

These included the likes of Medium, Flickr, Flipboard, and even Tumblr. Hence, the future of Bluesky is quite unclear right now, when you come to think of it.

It all began when Jack Dorsey was the CEO of Twitter and it unveiled how Twitter would be giving it financial support. And right before Musk did acquire the Twitter firm, we heard so much more about how Dorsey and Musk delineated through texts what they felt was the right way to move ahead would be in terms of an open protocol.

Through messages, Jack Dorsey detailed more to Musk about the need for a platform that was something new. And right after exiting Twitter, Dorsey took on the role of talking publicly regarding it. He felt this would reduce the need for large-scale centralized apps.

But leaving the past behind, it’s time to see how Elon Musk who is now the head of Twitter is actually going to appreciate a rival firm going head to head with his Twitter app.

Just last year, Bluesky detailed more on how the company got $13 million to be able to work freely and independently and ensure it was aboard the idea to move ahead with support from Jack Dorsey.

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