More Bad News For Twitter Employees As Company Abruptly Fires Another 50 Workers

The firing spree at Twitter is not coming to a rest as the company has started to lay off 50 members of its workforce.

The news was confirmed today by The Information while other posts on social media showcased this as well. Clearly, it’s a surprising decision as many did not see this one coming.

Interestingly, not even the company’s head of payments, Esther Crawford was spared. He was responsible for overlooking the much-talked-about Blue Verification Subscription plan. Another report by The Verge spoke about how Crawford and the rest of the product team were fired on the weekend. And now, the hottest news regarding this aspect has to do with Elon Musk making new plans to clean the house and carry on redecorating using a new regime.

Last year, after Elon Musk took over, Crawford was heard speaking about how he was forced to sleep at the office because only that would overcome the new demands set forward by the latest Twitter chief.

It’s actually very interesting to see how the news of the layoffs took place on the weekend when employees of the company found out that they were no longer allowed to use Slack. Some thought that may have to do with the fact that the company failed to pay the bill on time. Soon enough, the truth eventually came out.

Meanwhile, one person reported at the company how they ended up getting shut out manually from gaining access. And that is what struck fear in more members of the workforce how this is the first sign of many layoffs to arrive.

The strategy being used by Elon Musk to cut off employees from the main source of communication before firing them was a unique one. The firings started to drop like huge bombs and it rendered a very panicky situation across the board.

Another post by an employee spoke about how Slack was gone but no one had any clue about what in the world was going on. Meanwhile, another post stated how many individuals got an email on Saturday and that led to immediate access cut-offs. And then others called it a very confusing situation and that’s the most extreme one to take place in the firm’s history.

Meanwhile, another posting detailed more about the great extent of firings that arose including 50% at the HR department, 60% having to do with sales and marketing, and then another 35% in engineering. Finance took a 40% hit but the biggest was Project management where 80% were shown the door.

The affected workers would be getting a 30-day severance, the company went on to mention.

For now, the company is opting to stay hush on the matter and isn’t even releasing any public statement regarding the layoff that has recently occurred.

Twitter began this layoff round by releasing ad sales employees last week but little did anyone know that this would soon turn into something major. Moreover, one product manager set out his reservations by adding how he found out about this shocking news by getting locked out from his own email account.

Ever since Elon Musk took charge of the firm in October of last year, we’re hearing a lot about the headcount falling by nearly 70%. And this one is a real shocker because Musk promised that there would be no more.

After seeing what took place today, it can be said without any doubt that Elon Musk is keen on breaking promises and would have trouble with people trusting him in the future after this news went viral.

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