Twitter Revamps Its Violent Speech Policy With Notable Additions Including Ban On Common Terms

Twitter is making sure its hate speech policy is up to date with some more additions that weren’t witnessed in the past.

The company says it wishes to tighten up rules so that users are well aware of what they can and cannot say on the app. Moreover, the firm claims to have introduced some more unique additions that were allowed before but are no longer today.

This includes sentiments hinting at wishes to inflict harm and others along that very same theme. There is similarly more talk about bans where people are wishing death on others and hoping they suffer the worse illnesses or tragedies. Furthermore, anyone talking about physical harm and its consequences would no longer be allowed to do so.

Many are calling this out as a reversal from the policy that was seen in the past, highlighting how such statements where people hope for harm to others were never mentioned previously. It was never a part of the policy’s rules.

There are several statements that are expressing a desire for others to go through harm and making some very indirect threats toward them too. And it’s definitely something that is wrong and Twitter wants to make sure this does not happen in the future again.

This change is not the only major addition to the new policy of Twitter. Its rules are detailing more about how the infrastructure may be harmed by such words and actions and therefore there is a dire need to protect it from such damage.

You might not end up threatening or causing harm to others but using such words on the app is a big no, the company adds. Be it harm to a person, to property, to homes, to shelters, or just general business activities- the app is just not going to allow it anymore.

While such changes are definitely not looking like a huge deal to a lot of people right now. But from what we have gathered, it’s a notable amendment about how factors like speech need to be looked at in more detail on Twitter.

But again, right before Elon Musk took over Twitter, he mentioned how his goal was to allow all kinds of speech to be legal. So now, we’re wondering where exactly those frames of thought disappeared as this is a major difference.

Meanwhile, we must note that this is definitely not the first time that we’re seeing the app’s regulations undergo great restrictions since Elon Musk took over the company. It’s been carrying out some other changes, especially after one user went as far as pinpointing the exact location points of Musk’s private jet.

The company is yet to go into more detail about the exact rationale regarding such changes. However, it did outline via a long chain of tweets that it could suspend some accounts by breaking rules and forcing users to get rid of questionable posts or tweets.

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