Twitter Witnesses New Milestone In Mobile Revenue

February may appear to be well behind us but this is the perfect time to look back and see which social platform’s mobile revenue scored hits and which ones took part in misses.

And you might be a little surprised to learn that Twitter saw a new milestone last month as far as mobile revenue is concerned, as reported by AF.

Ever since the company started to offer its users in-app purchases, it’s definitely witnessed a rise in this regard.

As per data from App Intelligence, the monthly net revenue seen at the App Store witnessed a drop in January where figures went down to $1.6 million. That’s a mighty 3% decline from what was observed in December, as the figure rose to $1.7 million in that period. And remember, this is a net so that actually means the app is going to keep this after deduction from the tech giant’s fees.

But a lot of people were not too surprised by this huge drop. There has already been plenty of controversy surrounding the Twitter app and after that, we saw blue ticks turning into a political status at some point. This is terrible but that’s the truth that so many people are feeling right now.

Nevertheless, to make you understand better, comparing the app’s revenue before Twitter Blue and after is really interesting because there’s a stark difference and it’s surely a good move.

Remember. Twitter Blue is seeing some great expansion in the international market and after it opened in Japan during the year’s start, it didn’t do much. But as the month changed, so did the mobile revenue figures.

The estimates proved how the Twitter App Store’s net revenue rose above the $2 million mark for the first time in history. It was a quieter period for the company as well because there were fewer controversial issues to speak on.

Twitter had promised to monetize tweets and that is what led to more and more people attaining the Blue subscriptions.

So far, we’re seeing a huge expansion to several different nations such as Brazil, Indonesia, and India. This did not hurt the app either but neither did we see it assist it.

As a whole, the trio managed to earn around $100,000 of net revenue through the App Store last month.

Experts predict more growth to take place during the month of March as again, there’s less controversy and that always means saying hello to more revenue. So far, things are awfully quiet, and so many users are already missing that Tweetbot as they click on the icon.

The insights coming forward for this report are straight from the App Intelligence Platform. This is known to provide great access to so many revenue estimates. SDKs, among others. Moreover, you can learn further about some tools or carry out demos with the teams so you know where to begin.

Before we forget, the numbers delineated in this report are all estimated. Until and unless it is mentioned, the figure is taken as a net.

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