Elon Musk Forces Twitter To Send Automated ‘Poop Emoji’ Responses To Members Of The Press

Twitter Chief Elon Musk never fails to surprise the world with his shenanigans. And now, we’re hearing about how the Tesla and SpaceX CEO had gone about displaying a certain distaste for the press with this next act.

Musk forced the app’s press email to generate auto-replies that comprised nothing more than a poop emoji. Yes, we’re not kidding you on this one. For a while now, Musk has shown how much he hates the press and now he wants to make it official with this childish behavior.

With time, he detailed more about how he fails to trust it and hates to even talk about it.

But this form of action is something new by the tech billionaire that we’ve not come across in a really long time. The fact that it’s being done on a professional level did leave plenty of people stunned as this is supposed to be the platform where concerns and queries by other leading media outlets are addressed. Now, it has turned into a joke.

Musk tweeted the change and really stunned the audiences with this news. They were not expecting this when the statement spoke about press@twitter.com responding with poop emojis.

Now keeping all the hilarious comments aside, the real question now is how are media outlets supposed to contact the app for some serious matters as the only outlet for doing so is a joke.

It’s also interesting how the news has gone viral with Musk’s Twitter post being witnessed more than 9 million times. Similarly, it was retweeted at least 3000 times and ended up getting around 42,000 likes.

The billionaire has never had a good relationship with the media, where he’s even gone as far as blasting it for being so relentless and an outlet for generating hate and bad news. He also dubbed all sorts of media content as being fake and racist against both white as well as Asian individuals.

Now, it seems that he wants to do nothing with it as can be seen with this recent move.

Moreover, as you can imagine, one person mentioned how this was like a general user experience. And then another wrote how he hoped to see this poop emoji pop up in all articles while we move forward.

And when asked if this was a temporary joke or a permeant decision, the response again had to do with another poop emoji.

Image: Sheel Mohnot

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