Twitter Gears Up To Launch New Feature That Prioritizes Replies From Blue Subscribers

Popular microblogging giant Twitter is all set to prioritize replies from its Blue Subscribers.

The news was confirmed today by the company’s chief Elon Musk who says the decision to do so was to enable a boost in the replies belonging to paying members. He also teased audiences about how those who pay would be benefiting, adding that those who pay should benefit the most.

Musk adds that this is just plain wisdom that such individuals would be benefiting more than others and he hopes to bring in more features that manage to do just that.

The launch is expected to arise in the next few weeks and is dubbed as the latest series of events to be included in the Twitter 2.0 plan.

The prioritization by replies would include the following chronological order starting with those you follow, then verified accounts, and finally those accounts that are not verified.

We also know that enhanced tweet visibility was a part of the elements to be included in Elon Musk’s new Twitter Blue Subscription. But so far, Twitter is yet to change its ranking. In case it has, it’s been unsuccessful to include it without making huge issues.

It was in January of this year when we saw plenty of users of the app report witnessing huge declines in tweet engagement. Moreover, Insider reports from the app’s headquarters show how the Twitter engineering squad really did struggle with making new changes in codes. This had to do with the fact related to how today’s current system works and how it’s been programmed with time.

The goal is to include more new updates such as re-ranking and tweet display. It’s causing huge issues which relate to adverse side effects that restrict complete tweet reach. Now, however, the latest on this front is that Twitter is making the necessary changes to rectify it.

Elon Musk claims that the app’s ranking algorithm still remains very complex and many aren’t really understanding the inner working of it yet.

So as you can imagine, it’s not too optimistic but Musk and his team of executives are at that point in time where they wish to add the aspect for those users that pay. It gives them so much more reach and exposure in such chains, which end up seeing users getting downranked as they’re not linked to the specific posting account.

They might lead to side effects that are unintended.

At this moment in time, there is an expansion in the availability of Twitter Blue that has arisen in the past few weeks. And since then, we’ve seen people flocking in herds to attain the feature. Today, the figure stands at 450,000 as per recent estimates.

This was thanks to researcher Travis Brown who proved that just 0.18% of the platform’s 253 million active users are on board with the subscription package.
You may assume that a lot of these people are actually supporters of Elon Musk and the latter is becoming a true political figure in his own regard. So with time, you’ll see Twitter boost tweets from a small number of its users that really wish to support a side of the entire political discussion.

For now, it looks like some brands are all ready to sign up for the likes of Twitter Blue but the app is pushing them more toward attaining the costly ‘verification for organizations’ initiative. And that might end up changing the entire process all over again.

For now, the only change is this priority ranking for replies which we feel may have little to no impact as long as it solely relates to replies on Twitter and does not limit the general visibility.

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