EU Orders Elon Musk To Hire More Moderators And Fact Checkers To Review Posts On Twitter

The EU is not happy with the way things are functioning on the Twitter platform.

This is one of the reasons why they’ve asked the app’s chief to look into more options for hiring human moderators and fact-checkers. Furthermore, the EU hopes this would be enough to better review content on the app as confirmed by several people familiar with the news.

Seeing new demand pop up is definitely not going to be loved by the Tesla and SpaceX owner whose main objective and focus at this moment in time has to do with cutting out costs and not vice versa.

It was only today that a new report showcased how excited Musk was about the company breaking even in terms of its cashflows and that might even lead to positive cashflows as early as next month.

But the news today is going to make things more complicated for him and his associated stakeholders in the company. Remember, Musk has already fired half of the company’s workforce including 7500 members who were literally fired on the spot without prior notices going around.

And among those terminated were employees leading the app’s trust and security department. Moreover, there were some methods that were cheaper in cost too, which is what the report went on to speak about too.

The EU raised eyebrows over the huge layoffs during that moment in time and how the company might be having some great struggles while obeying the EU DSA. This Digital Services Act wants so many internet platforms to add some specific measures against the like of illegal posts, right before the law comes into play at the start of next year.

For a while now, we’ve seen the Twitter app place heavy reliance on the likes of automated systems for content moderation and it has steered clear of reviews taking place through manual means. Hence, it does not make use of any fact checkers, which is very different from the methods employed by others.

This includes arch rivals tech giants like Meta Platforms which is the owner of Instagram and Facebook.

The EU’s leading industry chief mentioned through the video call in January how it was issuing a stern warning to Elon Musk to make room for plenty of work in the future regarding the Twitter app as it felt it was lagging behind in so many different ways.

This meant Twitter was suffering from a lack of transparency as well as poor forms of content moderation and a lack of free speech on the app.

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