Microsoft Rolls Out Beta For Phone Link To Windows Insiders

Life is getting a lot simpler for iPhone users having Windows 11 PCs.

The company could be seen speaking about a huge announcement related to its Windows 11 update for this year. And that entails this beta version rollout for the app of Phone Link for those using Windows Insiders.

So now, you’ll get quicker and hassle-free access to the iMessage across Windows 11.

It’s very similar to Intel Unison where the software giant was able to bypass the tough wall and bring precious iMessages to the computer using Bluetooth technology. This links the device to Windows 11.

So now, anyone having the Dev, Beta, or Release Preview type of Windows 11 can try it out. The only catch here is that they would need to remain updated to the latest variant of the Phone Link by going to the Microsoft Store.

Simply select the option for iPhone across Phone Link in the Windows 11 app and then scan this QR code through Bluetooth and allow it to function. The company says its rolling out support for this slowly but surely as it first begins with a batch of insiders at the firm. So right now, not too many people would be seeing it on an immediate basis.

Meanwhile, the firm hopes to control this preview through the cloud while failing to delineate when the usual non-beta users of Windows 11 would get the offering.

Right now, there are some huge limitations to the entire experience. And while some people are talking about having complete access to the phone dialer and contacts functions like iMessage and texts, you won’t be able to send pictures in texts or even witness group messages.

There’s another huge drawback linked to what messages viewers may see as well. You only witness those texts that began in the Phone Link application and not all iMessages on the iPhone.

Looking at all of this feedback, we can say that Microsoft is really opening up to a new world of mixing iPhones with Windows Insiders with time. And in the end, all iPhones would be portraying Windows in a much more decent way.

In the past, we saw Microsoft roll out support for iCloud Photos as a part of the Windows 11 images app. This was a few months back so as you can tell, it’s really a feature worth a glance at as Microsoft wants to combine the best of both worlds.

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