Twitter Launches Its Verification For Organizations In More Regions As Company Opts To Wind Down Its Legacy Blue Checks

There is plenty of skepticism surrounding the exorbitantly priced Twitter feature called ‘Verification for Organizations’ but that’s not holding the app back from expanding further.

The company mentioned today how plans for expansion of the offering are on the rise and in case you don’t know, this is the name given to the chance to buy gold ticks for main accounts while verifying worker profiles as an affiliate.

Twitter was seen putting out calls for a few firms to come forward and sign up at the start of this year. They called this move one that would enhance verification on the app while creating new streams of revenue for a firm.

Today, so many more regions are getting the chance to be invited so they can register with great interest and attain more chances to land golden ticks and square-themed profile images on the feed.

But the only catch here is you need to pay and it does not come cheap. Think along the lines of around $1000 a month to get the feature and that does appear to be a huge amount for a tick that’s different in color and nothing more.

As per a number of communications getting sent out to a firm, this feature would provide a brand with a gold tick on their respective account, give them square shared profile images on the profile, and even add affiliate badges to accounts getting approval on the platform.

Moreover, affiliate DPs on the main page of the business would be seen as this portrays all different types of accounts related to the main profile of the brand. And lastly, you’ll attain the app’s Blue access for all accounts belonging to both brand and affiliate accounts.

As can be seen, the user would attain access to all of the features related to Twitter Blue on the main account and affiliates as well. When you compare this to the $8 a month to sign brands to Twitter Blue, the pricing difference between the two is huge.

Who knows, Twitter may with time cut off Twitter Blue for the likes of Brands but for now, users need to jet out a staggering $992 extra each month to get the different colored checks.

In other news, the company has vowed to bid farewell to its famous legacy verified ticks. And they’re all set to disappear starting early next month as the designated date was April Fool’s Day as mentioned in a public statement by the company.

But if the brand wishes to keep the Blue Tick they’d need to take part in the app’s Blue Subscription program. Are we surprised? Not really because the Twitter Chief has been going on and on about how he’d like to remove it as they give it out under the old rules. And since last year in November, he’s been raving about it going away quite a few times.

He dubbed those features provided to users as a corrupt and nonsensical ordeal.

But to ignore the fact that it’s being done on April Fool’s Day is not easy as we’re waiting to see if Twitter does stay true to its promise this time around.

Considering the Tesla and SpaceX CEO’s personality and how much he adores to troll people all year round, we’re not quite sure what to make of this change. But again, only time can tell.

For now, we’ll just wait and watch and keep you updated when and if it does pull through.

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