Samsung's overall share of global smart phone shipments declined as Apple overtakes it: CPR

The Market Monitor data have now been made public by Counterpoint, a research and market analysis firm. To identify the most popular smartphone brand of this quarter, CPR researchers have been examining worldwide smartphone shipment share for more than the previous nine years.

With 23% of the market share for smartphones worldwide, Apple defeated Samsung, which had won the previous quarter (21%), during this period of rising economic unpredictability. Apple beating out Samsung might be the consequence of the launch of the iPhone 14. Samsung, however, came in second place with 15% of the shipping this time around, per the survey.

With a loss of 16% Year over Year and a reduction of 9% Quarter over Quarter, Samsung's shipping numbers have drastically decreased to 58.3 million.

The study's second finding was that, as a whole, the worldwide smartphone market must see a 19% YoY decline, resulting in a total of 302.64 units in Q4-2022. While, global shipments of smartphones fell sharply to 1.2 billion units (12%), surprisingly, making it to the lowest level since 2013.

However, despite everyone seeing a drop in shipments, just two mobile phone brands—Apple and OPPO—saw an increase in their overall percentage of shipments, by 42% and 4%, respectively.

At 11%, Xiaomi came in third on the list, ahead of OPPO (10%), Vivo (8%), and, rounding off the top five, HONOR (4%).

As was previously indicated, although Samsung may have placed second internationally, the study shows that it outperformed Apple in Europe (31% shipping), LATAM (39%), and MEA (23% overall). This mobile brand nevertheless has to deal with a drop in shipments compared to the prior quarter (Q3-2022) even if it performed the best in all three regions.

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