Twitter Is Working On New Feature That Explains Why Users Are Seeing Certain Tweets On Their Feed

If you happen to be frustrated while using the Twitter app because of all the random tweets popping up on your feed, then you’re not the only one.

But it appears that the platform might finally be hearing its users out in terms of explaining why certain posts appear more frequently than others on the app.

In recent times, the company is well aware of the great number of complaints directed its way regarding the ‘For You’ feed. The latter put ahead a large array of both tweets and accounts that you might never have thought of following. But they’re still getting so much exposure on the app, for no good reason.

But the mystery is going to be solved soon as Twitter says that while many might feel the posts are random, they’re actually not. There’s a reason why it might be showing on your account more often than others and this new option in the pipeline would make you understand better.

As can be seen in this particular example that comes to us thanks to a designer of the app named Andrea Conway, the popular microblogging site is working hard with trials that include this new feature. It just allows you to click through on the menu for three dots regarding any tweet so you’re directed to an option that says ‘why am I seeing this tweet’.

After pressing on that, you’re going to get more insight into a few reasons why you’re being shown that in the first place including some followers that are mutual who might be interested in the same. Most of the time, it would be linked to your in-app activity and the types of interactions you carry out while using the app, and any particular interests you might have.

For those that may not be aware, Instagram has something similar on its own main feed. This has been increasing with time and it allows you to gain more access through accounts that you’re not following. The whole idea is linked to boosting engagement on the platform.

This particular concept is brought to us by the popular app TikTok which appears to move far away from such fronts as it focuses on its own content. Therefore, the app displays a much broader range of popular posts that assist with building engagement.

There has been a huge shift in the paradigm for all the different platforms out there and if we like it or not, Meta says that it attains more engagement from users when it proves to them why they’re seeing things from accounts that they’re not following on Facebook or Instagram.

Now, Twitter is doing the same and the response so far is actually mixed. A small chunk of this challenge is how Twitter is the main source of attaining both news and updates in real-time and determining that can be a challenge sometimes. It’s hard for the algorithm to know if some post is still popular or not.

Hence, users might be bombarded with older tweets. Whatever the case may be, Elon Musk appears to be happy with the news. He says that there has been a record high in terms of users on the app and more and more people are spending long hours on the platform than before.

Now, the real question is whether or not such changes would be appreciated when they’re rolled out. The only real way to find out is to wait for the release and feedback from the app’s users themselves.

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