Google And Meta Overhired So Much Staff That They Were Forced To Resort To Firing Sprees, Tech Billionaire Confirms

In recent times, we’ve been seeing tech giants Google and Meta turn heads after opting to fire so many members of their workforce. But the matter appears to be more complex than just that.

Tech billionaire Thomas Siebel is making some bold claims regarding how both Google and Meta overhired so many employees during the pandemic that they had less work and more manpower.

Most employees used to sit idle and it was proving to be a financial burden on the firm for obvious reasons. All that they used to be doing was nothing as they were ordered to work from home but not delegated tasks because there weren’t any.

Siebel is the CEO of the leading tech firm and AI company called and his enterprise has a net worth comprising $3.5 billion as per a recent report by Forbes.

Both companies did go on their respective hiring sprees during the pandemic but now, we’re seeing them lay off tens of thousands of employees as they fear a recession to arise soon.

Siebel then went on to elaborate on how his company takes on a more cautious protocol in terms of adding new workers to the firm. The process of hiring is very competitive as there are tough interviews conducted followed by plenty of filtering and potential hiring. They need to make sure the employee in question actually fits the firm’s stringent requirements or not.

In the past year, Siebel saw around 4000 people apply and out of those, only 300 ended up getting hired by his firm. But he explained how he was in no way shape or form trying to claim that his work ethic was better or superior.
But what he did intend on saying is that times are tough and companies need to realize that hiring and firing shouldn’t be done so aggressively. And it does not make sense to have people working from home voluntarily.

According to him, his office rules include a mandatory work-from-office mandate. And if you want to work from home, you might as well work someplace else.

Another report looked at the working culture in TikTok where one employee said she was put in a group of people who failed to work diligently and before she knew it, she was given the boot. Moreover, she even talked about how you literally had to fight to find work in today’s time.

H/T: Business Insider

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