Twitter Considers Rolling Out Ability To Hide Profile Checkmarks For Blue Subscribers

As the old saying goes, the more you pay, the better you receive. And it appears that the popular microblogging site Twitter is following that notion.

The company is considering going live with a feature that allows Blue subscribers to hide their profile checkmarks. So if you do pay the extra $8 a month for your subscription, this is another benefit you will receive, the app confirmed.

The news is awfully interesting if you ask us. The fact that you attain the blue tick for $8 and then can hide the same blue tick is definitely a little bizarre but we’re sure Elon Musk and his associates know what they’re doing.

This development was first mentioned by leading social media apps developer Alessandro Paluzzi who put up an image through his Twitter status during the week’s start. It showcased an interesting option so users of the app could both hide and display blue ticks on their designated user profiles.

Ever since that post went public, Twitter is yet to pass any sort of comment on the news and if it was going to come to its Blue Subscribers or not. However, the platform did reveal on Thursday how it would begin shutting down the app’s previous program for verification, starting April Fool’s Day.

So by April 1st, those having a blue tick but aren’t a part of the app’s Blue Subscription list would end up losing the badge.

Let’s not forget how this new feature that’s designated to disguise the Twitter Blue tick would still be in the development phase. So that means it might not go live after all to the general public.

But what we are aware of is how US-based Blue Subscribers will attain access to writing long tweets that go up to 4000 characters.

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