There are most in-demand skills for freelancers that can help them earn more than $100 an hour

Remote work, a trend that started three years ago in 2020, has started to attract more and more freelancers. Considered an easy way to earn money, people have started to learn several skills that are being offered through freelancing platforms. An Israel-based online freelancers’ marketplace company, Fiverr, conducted a study to get the hot freelancing insights.

The survey shows that, out of two thousand U.S. employees, 73 percent of them planned to start their freelancing journey in 2023. While there are several skill sets and services that are offered by freelancers, some of the skills have experienced a rise in demand. 3D animation demand went up by 44 percent year over year on another famous freelancers’ marketplace, Upwork. To help its community grow, Fiverr released an article with predictions of the skills that will have the highest demand in 2023.

Starting with the first creative skill, Graphic design will experience high demand in the ongoing year. This set of skills requires designers to work on projects such as brochures, social media content, and even websites. Yolanda Owens, a career specialist at The Muse, expressed that with digital marketing becoming more important among companies, graphic designers can use it as a chance to showcase the talent they possess. The skill can offer for around one hundred and twenty-five dollars an hour on Upwork.

Next up is editing motion media content. Video content is utilized on almost every platform to either communicate with the audience or use it for multimedia. As per the company’s Talent Solution VP, Margaret Lilani, video content is now being used as a mode of communication. Editors use original videos and modify them as per clients’ demands. These editors can cost up to one hundred dollars an hour.

Keeping digital marketing’s importance in sight, the demand for illustration has also increased. It is used in different areas, including as illustrations for websites, advertisements, and books. Illustrations can be shown either digitally through various software programs or physically on canvas. Freelancers offering illustration services can charge up to $75 an hour.

Illustrations are followed by 3D animations, which are again used on TV or in films. The service providers can earn up to 110 dollars an hour. In many companies, presentations are prepared on programs including Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Note. Presentation designers are required to help create a presentation that can help persuade an audience. A presentation designer can earn up to 125 dollars an hour.

While video editing was found to be an important skill, image editing has its importance. People offering image editing services are required to enhance the quality of a given photo by using various editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. Freelancers offering this service may charge up to 180 dollars an hour on freelancing platforms.

Animation has become important in several aspects. From using it in advertisements to incorporating it into video films. Similarly, cartoons or comics have also become popular. Different companies use comic strips as a way for marketing, and for that, they hire artists who can create cartoons using different software. These artists can charge up to seventy dollars an hour.

And lastly, designing industrial products. People offering artistic services in this field, including designing products for applications or other real-life objects including household items including electronic or decorative items, can get almost 175 dollars an hour, depending on the project received by the client.

Freelancing is expected to grow with time as the latest remote work trend has started to manifest itself on different levels globally. Hence, gearing up with these skills will come in handy for freelancers.

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