New Cybersecurity Alert By The FBI Says Criminals Are Using Fake Rewards For ‘Play To Earn’ Mobile Games

The FBI has generated a new cybersecurity warning for users who enjoy ‘play to earn’ games online.

They outlined how there is a fake reward system attached to the game that causes the player to fall into a trap where they end up losing cryptocurrency that’s worth millions. This alarming report by the FBI was launched on Thursday.

In case you’re wondering how, well, it’s done by making use of customized gaming applications that make promises for big financial reward systems. Such games are aligned with investments for quite a few targets.

Their aim is to make the user fall into the trap of developing trust by engaging in long online chats. Criminals continue to contact potential victims and try to develop a bond with them that gets stronger with time, the FBI revealed.

The shocking news came as a public service announcement through the IC3.

For participation in such entertainment, these criminals make players purchase crypto and develop an entire crypto wallet too. After that, the threat actors inform them about how the end reward would be greater if they ended up storing bigger figures inside their wallets.

After that, criminals have seen tempting victims by having fake rewards as a means to force them to add more deposits. But at the end of it all, this ends up draining the wallet completely after the victim stops with the deposits.

And if that couldn’t get worse, we’re seeing robbers inform victims about how they would recover the entire investment by adding more taxes or fees but this is all just a huge scam. In the end, the victim suffers the most and is left with nothing but empty pockets and utter disappointment.

Now the real question is how you can save yourself from such scams in the first place? Well, gamers need to be vigilant at all times and also keep cautious against unsolicited texts or invites to games. The goal is to be aware of things that sound so unrealistic, no matter what the financial reward may be.

Another simple way of putting it all together is having the common sense that if something appears to be too good to be true, well, it probably is like that. In the same way, the FBI says all victims should report such incidents through the Internet Crime Complaint Center so they can work toward putting an end to the scams.

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