TikTok’s CEO Says The App Has Never Shared Or Been Requested To Share Data With The Chinese Government

TikTok’s CEO is gearing up for his crucial meeting in the US state capital.

He hopes to convince American lawmakers that the company has never ever shared or been requested to share data belonging to US citizens with members of the Chinese government. The news comes amid striking concerns about America’s national security which many believe is at stake and facing a threat, thanks to this app.

TikTok revealed that it would never even honor such requests if they were made to it.

CEO Shou Zi Chew would be testifying in front of Congress on Thursday as per a recently published statement set out by the country’s House of Representatives Committee.

He similarly mentioned that TikTok’s parent company called ByteDance isn’t owned or controlled by any Chinese firm or governmental organization. It functions independently of all others, adding how ByteDance isn’t China’s agent or an agent belonging to any other global nation.

So many critics of the app claim that they fear TikTok is passing on sensitive information to Chinese Government officials and prompting a leading number of calls to apply a ban on the platform due to these actions.

In the past week, TikTok mentioned how the goal of the Biden administration is to put more pressure on the app and make it separate from its Chinese parent firm ByteDance. It called for it to divest its stake in the platform or face a potential ban on the platform across the US.

Chew’s testimony added how it’s clear that bans would only be appropriate when you find no alternatives but in this case, there seems to be one so a ban is not the right solution.

It was only a few days back that the TikTok CEO added how the solution to the problem is not dividing the company or selling off the US division. That would not prove any accusations to be true and neither would it find the way out of the problem.

Similarly, the popular social media app says it has spent a staggering $1.5 billion on efforts calling for stringent data security efforts. This campaign is called Project Texas and so many lawmakers have tried hard to convince others including the Biden administration that is plan needs to be supported.

Now, it’s up to the Congress to pass its final judgment on what it feels is necessary to do during this crucial moment in time.

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