Google Launches Beta Version Of Its Bard Chatbot As CEO Tells Employees ‘Things Will Go Wrong’ In New Memo

Search engine giant Google highlighted on Tuesday that it was opening up early access to its AI- chatbot called Bard. But this launch would solely be restricted to a small number of beta testers and if you’d like, you can sign up for the feature and get on that waiting list.

For now, Google mentioned that the beta testing process was only up for grabs to users across the US and the UK. However, it does plan on an expansion to a few other nations and some specific languages as well.

The company mentioned how the new chatbot is definitely not a replacement for search. Similarly, it advised users to be aware of the fact that it’s trying to exert as much caution as possible during the process.

They are yet to provide a date too for the complete launch and release as they added how the entire rollout process is going to be very slow. But still, the fact that it has finally entered its phase of beta testing means things are definitely picking up the pace as compared to before and that’s going to make critics happy as they felt the company is taking too long to enter the AI race as fellow arch rivals including Bing Search and ChatGPT are really making it big.

Google is doing everything in its power to play it safe. It says that the company wants the world to realize that this new tool is a complement to search and users need to remember that. It can never be its replacement and that was mentioned loud and clear.

In the same way, the firm categorized it as a collaborative effort in the world of Generative AI.

The first impressions showed the interface to be bombarded with so many disclaimers. Again, this is designed to keep the company safe from all mishaps which are again going to be a new challenge altogether. But again, we’re not surprised as a similar disclaimer was shown with ChatGPT.

But the shocking part came when the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai mentioned in a memo to his employees that around 80,000 of them helped in giving feedback and fixing errors that the chatbot made during the internal testing process.

Similarly, he added trying to get actual factual information was not going to be easy as there are many things that could go wrong. And so they need to be prepared for this launch that does not seem to be so smooth sailing after all.

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