Meta Shares Its Roadmap For Its First AR Glasses Launch In 2027 With Employees

Meta is planning a launch for its first true AR glasses in 2027 as reported by The Verge today.

The company shared more details on this front including a complete roadmap for the launch that’s all set to take center stage in the next four years.

But while that might appear to be too far away, well, there is some better news on this front including plans for more AR glasses before that one. Let’s not forget how the tech giant is looking at the launch as something major which he feels might be equivalent to the famous iPhone moment.

He added how this is a total game changer that would really shake up the entire industry and tech world in general.

The news is definitely groundbreaking as the product is outlined to feature great capabilities including sublime quality holograms that get imposed on the views of the real world… how cool is that?

Similarly, we could be seeing a hugely costly product considering the advanced technical fronts involved. But it’s only the company’s employees that would get a first-hand experience at testing out the device before all others next year.

This news will be giving rise to the likes of a new form of innovation for Meta in terms of smart glasses and would be great for those dubbed as the earliest adopters.

In other news, we saw the firm speak more in detail about devices using AR and VR technology that would undergo a launch before the whole full-fledged device is up for grabs. By this fall, we could be seeing a follow-up to the Ray-Ban series that has been in the workup for a while now. The product is a collaboration between Meta and Luxottica.

Meanwhile, more news on this front is linked to the famous Quest 3 headset. It’s expected to be very thin and even more powerful than Quest 2. It’s up for grabs by the end of this year.

In 2024, Meta says it is planning to launch another product called Ventura which is a headset based on VT technology. It really does hope to sell it at the most attractive pricing in the VR market of today.

Just one year later, we saw that in the year 2025, there are more plans for the launch of 3G Ray Ban stories. It’s going to come with another exciting feature called viewfinder that’s designed to witness some great texts while scanning QR codes along the way. Similarly, it hopes to translate texts into a few more languages so many users around the world may benefit.

Using simple hand movements, users get the chance to control it and type out texts with the help of virtual keyboards. Additionally, Meta is currently in the works of making a smartwatch that goes with its specific set of glasses.

All in all, this is definitely not the only firm coming forward with major plans for the launch of headsets and glasses using AR and VR technology in the future. We’re seeing Apple come forward with a debut of its much talked about a headset that’s based on mixed reality. This is scheduled to arise in June during the WWDC event.

Moreover, Apple’s product is being hailed as superior for its advanced features such as 4K dual displays and inputs that come forward despite being controller free. And the price point is not cheap. In fact, it’s so steep and currently stands at $3000 so as you can imagine, there’s a lot in the pipeline in terms of this front.

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