TikTok Allows Users To Restart Their Feed To Avoid Unwanted Recommendations From Its Algorithm

TikTok is launching a new option that enables users of the app to begin their feed all over again.

For instance, if you’re not a fan of the videos being recommended, then you’re going to simply refresh to begin again. But that’s not all.

The app says it’s also working on new systems to get rid of repetition and decrease exposure to harmful components.

For starters, you’ll find new feed refresh options that have been seen for the past couple of months. The process is still new and getting tested so different users start their accounts again. They’re trying to reset the entire algorithm in a manner of their personal choice.

And now, we’re seeing the option get rolled out to all.

The platform explained this further by mentioning today how the app’s For You feed is trying to assist more and more people in discovering the diversity of posts, different products, communities, and creators on the platform.

The app does understand its user's frustrations and how they’re not a fan of seeing recommendations that align with the platform or feel relevant again or give enough variety.

Hence, they’re rolling out new ways by which users can refresh the For You Feed recommendations in case they’re not a fan of what’s being showcased.

And when you do end up enabling it, you’ll notice how the option gives people the chance to view content on the For You feed in a manner that they’ve just signed up for. Therefore, the algorithm would now be providing recommendations depending on content linked to various types of interactions.

It’s a great option and it provides so many different users the freedom to use the app in a manner that best suits them and not what the algorithm feels is something they’d like.

In case you did not know, one major cutting-edge advantage of Meta over other arch-rival apps is its powerful social graph tool. Hence, if you’d like to stay up to date on the app, and witness those things that perhaps your loved ones and friends are seeing, you’d need to be there too.

But as time goes by, apps like Facebook are working harder at finetuning this as per your own likes and follows that dictate what’s seen in the algorithm next.

However, that is not how the way the TikTok algorithm works. It is faster at learning and picking up the user’s viewing habits and aligning those with the algorithmic system.

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