Google Play Games For PC Is Expanding In Europe With More Games

Tech giant Google says it is really working hard in terms of launching an official method for PC users through which they can make the most of its entertainment endeavors.

The Android maker is improving its Google Play Games for PC, making it even better than before. This comes with the addition of more games as it seeks an expansion in the European region.

So that means more European countries are going to benefit from the offering.

The tech giant recently spoke about it and was trying to roll this out for quite some time. It first came to the attention of users last year and since then, we’ve been waiting for something major but it never happened.

Months passed and all that we could benefit from was the likes of beta after beta and people were getting tired of this behavior.

After that, we saw Google launching its Google play desktop app in countries like South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. This was designed for installing and playing various Android games through the Google Play Store.

Now that the firm’s Google for Games Developer Summit arose, the firm says it was forced to embark on new improvements on the app that entailed a release that was going to be widespread in Japan and the European region as more games were lined up for users to enjoy.

Moreover, Google says that it is also going to expand the likelihood of games having existing mobile builds and has a keen interest in collaborations to come forward and be included on its platform.

The tech giant claims this has arisen due to a partnership with Intel but more optimized games would be provided to give users a better and more fulfilling experience for those wishing to play Android games on their respective PCs.

And if your game is playing well already on the desktop, what are you waiting for? You can simply reap the benefits by registering right now.

Google is also making the lives of its developers easier by providing them with reassurance in case they are still wondering whether or not they verified the likes of a checklist so their games can be included on this platform.

There are high-resolution assets and textures included like support for Windows ratios and incorporating both mouse and keyboard inputs. Similarly, they’ll be handed more tools so frame rates may be discussed.

You can witness this in either Play Console or in the developer reporting API.

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