TikTok In Hot Water As Senate Urges Congress To Pass ‘Urgent TikTok Bill’ For The App’s Ban In The US

Things are heating up in the US regarding the ban of TikTok as the Senate has urged Congress to take notice of a bill urgently.

This particular bill has to do with providing US President Joe Biden with great administrative powers to ban the TikTok app in the country.

Moreover, such a law would end up making the Commerce Department review deals, updates for software, and even transfers for data through communication technology. And that too, whenever a foreign adversary has some sort of interest attached.

The platform is already a viral sensation in so many parts of the globe and the US is no exception. So many young audience members are given the chance to make and share content that is the short form in duration and comes under the ownership of the Chinese firm ByteDance.

Through such a proposition, the Commerce secretary claims that the app is a clear threat to the nation’s national security. And for that reason, the decision for a ban may be left in the hands of the country’s head of state.

This particular bill was called the Restrict Act and it represents Restricting the Emergence of Security Threats with any risks attached to it.

The recent meeting on this subject was chaired by Senator Mark Warner who claims that he set out this new legislation along with so many bipartisan groups of co-sponsors from the Senate. Moreover, the White House was seen putting out statements that promoted that bill as the press was briefed on the matter too.

He called the bill an integral one that was representing an entire systemic framework that spoke about threats linked to the safety and security of US citizens. Moreover, the US government knows how this would equip it with better tools to ward off major security threats attacking its tech sector.

Congress was urged to respond in a quick manner and send a bill to President Joe Biden’s desk at the nearest date. It feels the US needs to take immediate action for risks that arise in a discrete manner. These transactions involve different nations and are linked to the tech sector.

Meanwhile, one spokesperson for TikTok mentioned how it did not wish to respond to any requests linked to comments on the subject.
Moreover, this is the first time that the TikTok bill got so much backing from Biden’s administration. Moreover, seeing the bill reach the top of the list of proposals put in front of Congress is huge news regarding the ban on the app.

On Tuesday, the legislation didn’t have any companion version to submit in the House. However, Warner did speak to CNBC about how he had plenty of interest arising from the likes of the Democrats as well as the Republicans that are located in the lower chamber.

Let’s not forget how another bill had been approved by the House of Foreign Affairs recently. It spoke about the great amount of interest linked to making President Biden impose some sanctions on Chinese firms. The latter had to do with those that were exposing private data belonging to US citizens and sharing it with government officials in China.

But this did not get the support it needed from sponsors aligning with the Democratic party.

This particular bill had senators mentioning how it fails to point out any specific Chinese firm. But instead, it was designed to make new frameworks with legal processes that identify and ward off certain threats.

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