TikTok Helps Creators Make More Money By Enabling A Paywall For Premium Content

TikTok is undoubtedly one of the most popular apps in the world of social media today.

With millions of users signing up to be a part of this platform, there must be something fabulous about it, right?

Well, it’s definitely dominant and has led the list of top social media apps around the globe. There have been some massive competition from archrivals like YouTube Shorts and that is what keeps the firm on the tip of its toes.

It’s no wonder why TikTok is working hard to assist its creators in making more money through the app. This way, it can target those users that tend to go to other apps for better opportunities.

Keeping all of this aside, we’re seeing the app make some great changes in recent times. It is going to add a new feature called Series that enables creators’ premium content to receive a paywall.

The TikTok series gives rise to some great new offers that enable creators to put up videos on the app as an integral part of its collection. Moreover, this is where you’ll see content get protected with the likes of a paywall.

In case you’re wondering what really makes this new feature special, well, the answer is simple. You can say hello to content that is longer in terms of format design. These are some short clips that arise between 10 seconds to just 60 seconds. But as you know, TikTok is not against offering support for longer-duration content.

Creators can be seen putting up clips that are nearly 10 minutes in duration. But with the help of this new Series feature, creators can go well above the limit and publish videos that are 20 minutes long. On the other hand, you’ll find collections that comprise at least 80 videos.

This feature really gets interesting with time, and you can consider it to be one that has a lot of long-form content. Moreover, it would be of added value and benefit for viewers too. As of now, this feature is only up for grabs to a selected number of creators on the app.

However, the app does mention how it is making some plans of having the program open up to so many different types of creators in the future soon.

TikTok mentioned in a recent public post how this feature is still working in its initial days and that means it is busy monitoring the response it gets for it. And depending on what feedback it receives with time, they hope to make changes accordingly.

For now, there are a lot of things on the line and this might be a new way for people to earn more money through the app. Similarly, it’s a wonderful incentive to make others feel good regarding the content up for grabs when they pay.

So you might want to keep an eye out for this, in case you’re interested.

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