TikTok's US Division Ready To Subject Itself To ‘Trust-No-One’ Level Of Scrutiny

There have been a lot of talks regarding TikTok and its respective US division.

The country’s lawmakers are not too sure about whether or not the app should be allowed to continually function in the country. Moreover, we’re hearing more news about how it might also be subject to a ban coming soon if the Congress and Senate agree to allow Biden to invoke the ban.

As it is, the country’s Foreign House of Representatives has passed a bill that wants the US to add sanctions on various Chinese firms. The reason is that they feel that such companies are actually doing so much more harm than good by possibly sharing data belonging to US citizens with Chinese officials.

But today, a new report is shedding light on something more interesting. This has to do with ByteDance’s American subsidiary subjecting itself to the likes of scrutiny of another level. Think along the lines of trusting no one and keeping the guard up at all times.

They announced how the goal here is to have a great amount of oversight where the project gets dubbed as Project Texas. This is TikTok’s great attempt to partner up with leading American tech giant Oracle and firewall code against any form of invasion by China or any other foreign threat.

It will begin with the installation of the app’s organizational chart called US Data Security by TikTok. Moreover, we’re going to be seeing it run by a new board that functions in an independent manner that comprises three individuals that have zero affiliation with the app and the company.

Clearly, they would be having some great responsibilities to the government in the US and need to be approved by them too. Moreover, this can be seen going above and beyond what every tech firm has taken place right now.

On the other hand, the second part has to do with providing some major technical advances that lock the app’s US operations against spying arising from overseas sources. They take all that related to the app and keep it separate and then copy it across the Oracle Cloud.

Hence now, we’re going to see it carry out operations in the sandbox that Oracle owns as it paves way for designated types of data flow.

Thirdly, there will be a new type of software integrity system in place that would mean that the TikTok code gets audited and would place Oracle as a leading gatekeeper for all sorts of mobile application updates that ensure that such programs are not taking part in suspicious types of monitoring ordeals.

All sorts of activity will be monitored by Oracle and other third-party inspectors that receive certification from the American government.

Even the creation process involving TikTok’s mobile apps would be put in protective custody with this firm. Remember, Oracle would be in charge of compilation and the final product would be hand-delivered to the app store owned by both Google and Apple.

H/T: PCMag

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