The COVID-19 Lockdown May Be Well Over But Employees Still Want To Work From Home, New Study Proves

A new study based in the UK is shedding light on how the COVID-19 lockdown may be well over but that does not mean workers are ready to return back to the office.

The report was published to mark three years since we last heard about the policies of working remotely to make sure things were up and running in the right direction. But workers continue to hold the strong belief that they can carry out work from home.

Moreover, the report shared how nearly 56% of people who were surveyed are most likely to not work at offices ever again. And then 32% claim they’d be quitting when denied the right to work remotely and report to the office again. Similarly, a good 40% mentioned how they’d like to receive more training for roles that would make remote working a possibility.

Despite these feelings and sentiments, so many employers today are becoming super impatient with their respective staff members. They’re not a fan of giving employees full salaries while they enjoy working in the luxury of their houses. In the same way, they’re not a fan of giving them the chance to work hybrid. The latter is the term reserved for working from home and showing up to the office.

Hence as you can guess, the report showed how the majority of employers in today’s world want their staff to head back to the office so they can carry out their duties diligently.

Euan Cameron who happens to be the founder of Willo added how resistance made to things that impact our working conditions needs to be aligned keeping in mind today’s reality.

As it is, the pandemic of yesterday drove a huge change in people’s working habits ever since the industry evolved. It really gave rise to the new normal as what we may have thought was impossible is now turning into a reality.

Let's say, for instance, those sectors that were linked to offices were set free while workers began to enjoy huge benefits like flexibility as well as greater freedom when working and making decisions. In the same way, employers also benefited from better premises and talent that were not so readily available in the past due to restrictions of a particular time zone of the location.

So as you can imagine, it’s actually a win-win situation.

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