73% of Remote Workers Are Facing Issues With Tech Support

As more and more workers start to shift to working from home or other forms of remote work, a number of issues are starting to arise. One of the most significant issues facing workers who are attempting to work from home is a higher proportion of problems related to tech support. 22% of workers who go to the office said they had trouble getting tech support, 41% of hybrid workers said the same, but the number was much higher for remote workers.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that as many as 73% of remote workers said that they face tech support issues on a weekly basis. That leads to them having to spend around 3 hours a week simply trying to get basic things taken care of, and that will obviously make it harder for them to get work done than might have been the case otherwise.

Remote workers also tend to face more issues per week than their hybrid working or commuting counterparts. In office workers face 3 problems per week on average, the number was 3.7 for hybrid workers, but for purely remote workers it was at around 4.1 on a weekly basis.

If we were to take the approximately 2.7 hours per week that hybrid workers waste on such issues, this adds up to a tremendous cost over the course of a given year. Assuming an average hourly wage of around $29 per hour, this adds up to well over $4,000 lost per year, and that’s just for an individual worker!

Things are even worse for remote workers, since their annual losses add up to over $4,500 on an annual basis. That might be why so many companies are striving to get workers to come back to work in the office. Tech support is easier when you are in the same building as them. The remote work trend will need to overcome these obstacles, otherwise the trend will start to fade away before the end of the decade and it won’t come back any time soon.
H/T: ElectricAI

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