Microsoft Is Not Worried About Google’s Bard Chatbot As It Calls It Inferior To The Bing Search

We’re finally seeing search engine giant Google pick up the pace and enter the AI race.

The AI-powered chatbot called Bard is open for beta testing finally and while users sign up to get on that waiting list, we thought it would be interesting to see what others like Microsoft felt about the competition.

Needless to say, the computational giant is not worried at all. In fact, it considers Bard Google to be very far behind its popular Bing Search. The latter has been up for public testing for the past few weeks. But what exactly does Microsoft think about the new competition that’s up for grabs?

During the early hours of this morning, Microsoft’s head for web services and advertising, Mikhail Parakhin, did not shy away from answering a query put out by a curious Twitter user. It had to do with his thoughts regarding Bard and whether or not he agreed with so many others about being stunned at this low-level performance when compared to the AI search by Bing.

Speaking more in detail, he agreed it was great in terms of how many impressive things were on offer, considering how little was provided in terms of the low levels of commute on hand. But let’s not forget how Bard does have one very great advantage over Microsoft’s popular Bing search.

And that is not worrying about any daily chat limits or turns that many users aren’t particularly a fan of. After all, being restricted in terms of using a tool like this can be a nuisance. But again, we may have spoken too soon.

Who knows, Google might end up introducing more limits on its own tool with time. And for that, we’ll need to keep our eyes open.

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