New Poll Reveals More Americans Support TikTok’s Ban In The US Than Oppose It

The fate of the popular social media app called TikTok continues to remain questionable in the US.

There is yet to be a final decision on whether or not the leading tech company would be allowed to carry out its operations in the US market as the app’s CEO was seen testifying in front of the US Senate today.

But keeping that aside, a new poll by Washington Post is revealing some very interesting findings about how Americans really feel about this endeavor.

Shockingly, more US citizens are in favor of the ban and showing great support for it. This is in stark comparison to those that are opposing it.

The majority of respondents in this survey delineated how they had growing concerns regarding the firm’s links with China. They similarly stated how much they don’t trust it because of its potential links with the country with whom the US shares great tensions and is calling it a threat to its national security.

It’s all actually very interesting as the news comes at a time when we’re seeing the number of active users on the TikTok app soar to new heights.

In this particular poll, around 41% of Americans are supporting the federal ban on this popular app. On the other hand, just 25% are in opposition to it. And then we had another 71% mention how concerned they are that its parent firm called ByteDance is Chinese so another 36% mentioned they’re growing even more concerned about this behavior.

Before we forget, the poll did show a very sharp division among generations including people and political parties that make use of the popular platform. Just a small majority of individuals that didn’t use the app in the past month appeared to be showing support for the ban but a similar majority of everyday TikTok users were against it.

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