News Publishers Reap Huge Economic Benefits Thanks To Facebook As Per This Study

The world of news continues to change and so are its related trends linked to how users consume them.

Today, people are turning more to the internet to get the latest updates on what’s happening around the world. And that’s in stark comparison to the past when we saw people tuning in more to the likes of radio and television.

As habits changes, so are the economic benefits surrounding the news industry. And today, you’ll be surprised to learn how so many news publishers are reaping significant economic benefits thanks to Meta’s Facebook.

This is a part of some shocking findings thanks to data taken from S&P Global Market Intelligence Statistics. They proved how there happened to be a major decline in terms of daily newspapers getting circulated before the adoption of the web during the middle of the 1990s. In America, we saw revenue trends for classified ads reach their peak in the year 2000. And during that same year, Craigslist expanded to have the whole nation covered.

But over the years and in the recent past specifically, we’re seeing the relationship between classic news publishers and social media apps turn into a huge debate. So many publishers were asserting that Facebook’s parent firm reaps huge gains in an unfair manner thanks to links added to news shared across the Facebook app.

Moreover, this has affected policymakers in so many different nations in an unfair ordeal. This is why today, more laws are getting launched and implemented that require top tech giants to set out funds to news publishers, giving them a share of what they earn.

However, now, we’re learning more about how Meta may not be as guilty as some are assuming in this regard. So many of the assertions are being proved wrong thanks to one research study that had been rolled out today by the NERA Economic Consulting and yes, it was funded by Meta.

It is proving how the news market of today and the bargains on offer are actually fair as news publishers are setting out content that is of little to no value for the tech giant. And as we speak, it keeps on declining.

As news publishers make use of Facebook, they continue to benefit from the great amount of traffic that arises from these apps on social media. And that constitutes nearly 1 to 1.5% of their overall revenue.

Around the world, this turns out to be 90% of the organic views arising depending on the article links and respective news publisher links that the publisher adds themselves.

Today, the habits of users on social media are changing and the study also proved how the number of adults on Facebook are not as keen on seeing the news as they were in the past. Moreover, just 13% are tuning in to the app for the sake of news and the rest are going back to other mediums like the TV, news webpages, or the radio to get their daily dose of information.

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