Meta Says It Is In No Need Of News Content From Traditional Publishers While Referring To It As Low Value

Meta is not keen on entertaining any more news content across its apps.

Facebook’s parent company was recently seen publishing statements that described how it was in no need of such endeavors while deeming them to be of low value and one with declining popularity.

Both Meta and Google are not looking forward to Canada implementing its new mandatory process that forces such respective tech giants into entering commercial deals with news providers in the country.

This would be taken as a payment for benefits from using such content across various apps and sites, as explained by Meta in its new report. But the tech giant explained how it’s not in the mood to entertain such offers and does not see eye to eye with the matter.

Meta commissioned a new report by the NERA that highlighted how news content taken from a series of traditional publishers is considered to be of low value to the tech giant and keeps on declining. Moreover, publishers are deemed to benefit from the likes of traffic taken from such apps on social media, it continued.

This report also highlighted how news publishers take on huge economic advantages by using Facebook and how 90% of the views generated organically from news publishers arise through links put up by the actual publisher themselves and not users on the app.

As per reports from Meta, there is great interest in how news content across such apps continues to shift in major ways. There are plenty of Facebook users claiming that the number of news-related content on its platform is too much. So clearly, Meta is not keen on further aggravating the problem by allowing this.

The same was mentioned by the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He spoke on the matter and commented in regard to the growing number of political content across the app.

Zuckerberg added how it's a growing complaint that increases each year from the community of users and they just do not wish to see more politics and violence arising on the app as it really affects their experience while skimming through the platform.

Meta has proven through its statistics show the proportion of adult users on its Facebook app who watch news fell significantly between the years 2016 to 2022. It went down from 45% to 30%. Today, only 13% of the adult population of American adults uses apps for news.

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