Apple Rolls Out Its iOS 16.4 Update With A Series Of New And Exciting Features And Here’s What To Expect

Leading iPhone maker Apple has recently launched the latest update for its iOS 16.4.

This entails a long list of new and exciting features including more sets of emojis, website push alerts, voice isolation for phone calls, and a lot more. Moreover, users may update this feature to the latest variant by simply going to the Settings tab, entering General, and then pressing on the Software Update button.

Most iOS updates are designed to patch leading security holes while altering smaller settings. Moreover, those delivering such new and exciting emojis and extensive functionalities are getting to be more and more popular with each passing day.

The end result is better more demand for such downloads and also greater waiting times to install newer updates on users’ devices.

With this new iOS 16.4 update, users are now going to attain up to 31 different emojis. And the release notes are now referencing the famous 21 emoji but this is related to how a variation gets counted.

Among such new additions include shaking faces, the famous pink heart, pushing hands, and the ever-so-loved wi-fi symbol among a few others that might range from animals to other objects.

This new set of emojis received approval in the past year and it was then made public last month how they would soon arise with Apple’s latest iOS update. Seems like that time is finally here.

This new arrangement also entails hues such as light blue and grey-toned hearts, folding hand fans, mooses, gooses, jellyfish, flutes, maracas, ginger, and other interesting endeavors.

Keeping the emojis offering aside, we’re super excited about the voice isolation feature. This is designed for cellular calls that end up making the user’s voice a priority while blocking out plenty of noise taking place in the surrounding.

This would result in so much clearer modes of communication as you can now hear the speaker’s voice with background disturbances being eliminated. For now, the offering is up for grabs for all FaceTime users and across VoIP platforms but it’s not up for grabs for cellular uses, at least for now.

To open this feature, users will be required to open their device’s control center during the call and press on the option for mic mode. After that, they can select voice isolation from their list.

Another great offering that comes as a part of this new iOS update is push notifications for the web. Moreover, in 2022, we saw at the WWDC mention how Apple showed an exciting feature that enabled developers to send out web-based push alerts to its end users.

The feature was launched for Safari browser users with updates to Apple’s macOS Ventura. Now, the feature would be up for grabs for iPhone users who can send out alerts to different users, moments after they sought permission,

Users would be able to benefit immensely from this, including those rivals to the Twitter app including Post and even the T2. These are yet to design their own native versions using the iOS software on their platforms but are very keen on alerting users to have important chats.

Now, it’s being highlighted as a way for tech giant Apple to go back on claims related to the App Store being the only maneuver to reach the respective mobile consumer market. And that would assist in fighting away antitrust regulations as well as other legal cases.

Apple has also outlined a few out series of changes and fixes as a part of this update including its Duplicates seen in the Photo app expanding support for double image and video detection across the iCloud library.

Similarly, we’re hearing about the Weather app getting more VoiceOver support too for features like maps and the platform's Safari browser attaining some much-needed security fixes too.

Furthermore, Apple's keyboard will now be providing more support for some indigenous languages Choctaw and Chickasaw. There are also going to be transliteration services up for grabs for languages like Punjabi, Urdu, and Gujarati keyboards.

The Cupertino-based company also hopes to optimize crash detection on its devices including both the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models.

So as you can see, there are plenty of changes for Apple users to be excited for.

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