Instagram users will soon be able to use a quick way to reach stories as well as go live only for accounts they follow back

Social media giant Instagram is not just famous for letting its users post their media content; it is also known for ensuring that its audience gets a good user experience. The apps keep bringing in new updates and features that are meant to help the users stay connected with others.

According to Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile developer, and leaker, the platform is working on two new features. These features will include the ability to go live only for the accounts that are followed back by a user, as well as introducing a new way to help users reach stories while scrolling down the feed.

Starting with the first one, just like Facebook, Instagram is also famous due to its “live video” feature. People have been using it for different purposes, such as to stay connected with their followers or to promote brands as influencers. Some even use it as a discussion forum. On his Twitter account, Alessandro revealed that soon users will be able to go live only for people they follow back. In a screenshot that was posted by him, it can be seen that users will be shown three options: go live for everyone, for followers that are followed back, and for close friends only. As a result, users will be in full command of who can and cannot become a part of their live session.

The live feature was introduced seven years ago, in 2016. Since that day, the developers have introduced multiple updates that can help users with their live stream. Features such as asking questions or controlling the live audience have helped in providing a better experience to the users.

Similarly, the app is also working to ensure that stories don’t go unseen, and if a user is scrolling down the feed, they can find a quick way to view the stories of people they are following. Based on the image shared by Alessandro on the tweet revealing the upcoming update, it can be seen that if a user has come down on the feed, a popup will be displayed at the top of the screen.

The popup will act as a reminder to check out the stories of their followers, as it will display the profiles of people who added to their stories. Once a user taps on the floating or pop-up reminder, they will find themselves at the top, ready to view stories. In this way, Instagram can make sure that the content posted, even in the form of stories, gets maximum views and doesn’t go unseen.

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