New Lawsuit Against TikTok Alleges The App Of Secretly Attaining Users’ Private Data Through Third-Party Website Tracking

The trouble seems to be a never-ending affair for TikTok after a recently filed case against the social media giant accused it of data tracking through third-party websites.

The case revealed how the platform is secretly carrying out the endeavor where information that is not only personal but sensitive is taken from users without them providing any consent for the behavior.

Since the end of last year, we’ve seen dozens of such cases come forward that make similar types of accusations. And these are now calling the app out for violating the federal wiretap, among so many other leading claims.

For now, TikTok is still under fire by the US Government as there are leading concerns about how it collects data belonging to US citizens and tries to use it for its own benefit. Let’s not forget how it is putting America’s national security at a major threat by sharing information with officials in China that best suits their interests.

Now, the company may soon be forced to alter the algorithm and boost content further that undermines America’s democratic institutions.

On Tuesday, a new bill was put forward that had the backing of the White House. It spoke about having a unified process linked to reviewing and addressing technical matters that could have influence from foreign parties.

Moreover, under this measure, ByteDance may be forced to sell the leading app or we could soon see a complete ban on TikTok. So as you can imagine, these are some really testing times right now that are being discussed regarding the firm.

The first claim is pertaining to a report by Felix Krause who was a software researcher that found how the company injects code lines that force the app to replicate the activity of users on different websites belonging to externals.

And out of those seven popular ones that underwent testing, the researcher found that only TikTok was the social media giant seen monitoring keystrokes.

One of the plaintiffs shed light on how he pressed on the ad for the website owned by a third party. He had reportedly purchased merchandise from there and put in private details including details of his credit card.

Hence, TikTok carried on with its usual data collection process and the app’s browser continued to access the activity taking place. Hence, these class actions are clear proof of how the platform intercepts and uses data.

It works to insert codes on the webpage that is often visited by so many people that have one clear purpose and that is tracking all details linked to their respective activity.

For instance, the complaint filed read how users making online transactions while buying goods would be giving out all sensitive details like their address, name, number, credit card details, bank details, and more.

But remember, the case alleges that it’s not just purchasing details but private details regarding user health that is at stake. And such information could be used for the sake of tracking those in search of gender identity details or users in search of abortions as well.

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