WhatsApp is working on two updates meant to help group chat members and admins have a safe experience

Mark Zuckerberg’s instant messaging application, WhatsApp, has recently added two new versions after passing them through beta testing. The newest versions will host two updates, which include advanced group management options allowing admins to approve new participants and the display of a push name instead of a phone number if an unknown contact is present in the group conversation.

Starting with the member approval feature, the platform had already announced a while back that the developers were working on the latest update, which will authorize admins to approve new members. Hence, they will be able to deal with membership by accepting or dismissing it. As per WAbetainfo, the update has already been released for beta testers on Android as well as for Apple’s iOS beta users.

A screenshot was also shared by WABetaInfo, in which the feature to approve new participants can be seen under the group management option. Whenever the feature is enabled, those who want to join the group conversation will have to go through a membership approval procedure. Group admins can go to the “Pending Participants” section, where all the requests will be available. It is believed that the approval feature will help out members, as initially, to become a part of a subgroup, requests had to be sent out, but now the latest version won’t be letting the participants go through an online approval process. Secondly, with the feature turned on, unwanted people won’t be able to become members of the group. And lastly, if a group has a large number of members, it can become difficult for the admins to manage all of them at once, but since every new request will go through the approval phase, the admins will be able to manage the group more effectively.

Moving on to the next update, last year on December 1st, it was announced that the developers were working to display push names over numbers. Initially, the update was only available for Android beta users, but now iOS beta users will also be able to experience it. The option will come in handy when users have to deal with unknown numbers; their push name will instantly give an understanding of who the unknown contact is. However, it doesn’t matter if a push name is used; their contact number will also be present.

Both updates have been released for beta iOS users, and it can be expected that the number of beta users currently testing the latest version will increase.

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