New Court Filing Proves Twitter’s Source Code Was Published On Microsoft’s GitHub Website

A recent report from The New York Times has confirmed how Twitter’s source code was published on GitHub, which is owned by computational giant Microsoft.

The news arises after a court filing mentioned the shocking behavior on Friday.

As per the report, the popular microblogging website made the discovery to its dismay on Friday and that’s when immediate requests were sent out to Microsoft to comply with the firm and take it down from GitHub.

But as of right now, there are zero reports on how and when this code had been uploaded as the discovery was made on Friday but it’s suspected that the move done was prior to that.

Microsoft confirmed how they received the request and acted immediately to remove that from GitHub on the same day that the complaint was made. But even GitHub has failed to report when exactly that code was uploaded to its platform.

The report from The New York Times mentioned how it may have been up for grabs for a few months.

As of right now, Twitter is working hard through legal pressure and court intervention to make GitHub reveal who is behind the posting of the source code and all those that could have ended up downloading the code without it noticing later.

The New York Times quotes a few unnamed sources that Elon Musk’s team feels could be behind the potential leaking of the code. And that entails the firm’s ex-employee. These were reportedly laid off in the year 2022 and that’s when a tech billionaire took over the app as its CEO and chief.

The goal now seems to be Musk and his associated executives trying to figure out who is behind the stunt and if anyone could make use of it to hack into the leading social media network.

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