TikTok Gives Major Update On How It’s Keeping Its Community Safe For Users

TikTok has been in the news for several reasons and a lot of it is linked to some major reservations regarding the security of users.

And now, we’re seeing the app announce an update on how it's making the entire community safe for all, adding how it's an integral part of its vision.

The app says that it takes great responsibility for keeping the community safe. Moreover, it added how it is working really hard to make it the most awesome and welcoming space for all. And that’s definitely a commitment that it has been working hard for so long.

The goal is to update the system’s approach and encourage healthy behavior on the platform. There happen to be some major risks attached and the way things are put into place to tackle the challenges is something TikTok has struggled with and continues to work hard toward.

Among those, the leading social media giant called out human exploitation to be something of a crisis. And they are well aware of how criminals have designed an entire network and opted to misuse various online platforms to market things like human smuggling and trafficking.

These threatening actors are working toward taking so many others for granted but TikTok has really put forward some more proactive steps that would ensure the community stays safe.

But what exactly is the app’s approach to warding off human exploitation? For starters, they claim to have a zero-tolerance policy for such actions that violate human rights. Be it trafficking or smuggling, they’ve managed to dedicate a huge investment in terms of resources that are aimed to fight against this sort of behavior.

Any content can be removed that attempts to violate community guidelines regarding human exploitation. Similarly, they claim that it would end up banning all accounts that it feels are causing offense.

On the other hand, we spoke about how big of a challenge this one tends to be and it goes beyond the realms of TikTok. This is why the app says it’s working closely with law enforcement agencies and other names in the industry to highlight and get rid of content related to this nature.

In the same way, they’ve worked hard toward participating in joint action plans with the likes of the National Crime Agency. This facilitates a huge collaboration and the sharing of knowledge between both the NCA as well as different platforms that are designed to ward off crimes.

TikTok mentioned how it wishes to empower so many individuals and better understand the huge risks linked to human smuggling as well as trafficking. The whole ordeal is linked to making some smart choices and making others aware of the great threats surrounding them.

TikTok says realizing that there is a problem is actually the start of many great things, only then can a solution be devised. Therefore, to make people aware of the various risks attached, the app intends on finding new forms of search interventions.

This is designed to assist people who search for particular terms like trafficking or smuggling.

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