Microsoft Adds Exciting Features To Its New Bing Search And Makes It A Part Of Its Windows 11

The new AI chatbot by Microsoft is doing great but any shortcomings are not being ignored by the software giant.

We recently saw the company roll out some more new additions including links to websites to get more data on topics where it generates responses.

The news comes to us thanks to Search Engine Land which says website owners and those that design content online can now benefit from the integration of this Bing Chat to the Webmaster Tools.

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In this way, more people can see stats regarding clicks and views as well as how much traffic is getting generated through the likes of Bing Chat’s answer links. Moreover, such details on website traffic can provide owners at the company with greater knowledge of how well this new search is doing compared to the usual web search engines. And if it’s better at getting more traffic, then there’s nothing like it.

We bet Google would be launching something similar to this very soon after its Bard chatbot is up for grabs in the public.

The addition of Bing to Webmaster Tools would also include a new addition that provides site operators the chance to see if the new offering is actually indexing pages or not. And that would give website owners more input on how they can improve further.

Secondly, the latest news on this front is linked to how Microsoft has been trying hard to eliminate the chances of hallucinations arising on the new AI chatbot. This has been a concern that many experts have faced for a while and since then, people are trying hard to find the right solution.

Therefore, the company’s advertising lead says that the time has come to make room for improvements that get rid of vague statements and hallucinations in the responses that they generate. This would be done through the rollout of Bing Chat v96.

So that would not only limit hallucinations but at the same time, it would reduce all of those instances where there is a chance that the chatbot might not give the right reply. And if that indeed happens, it’s a major win for Microsoft as these are some of the commonly spoken about problems we’re seen for a long time.

For now, this offering is currently in the testing phase but it won’t be long before we see it take center stage for all.

Last but not least, it has been confirmed today that the new Bing Search is being included as a part of Windows 11. Therefore, since this is the firm’s most advanced system from a technical viewpoint, it’s clear how Microsoft really wants people to benefit from the endeavor.

It can be found in the search box that’s present in the taskbar. Moreover, Microsoft says that this is now a part of the new Windows 11 update. So soon enough, users would be given the chance to produce content via the tool by simply using the Windows taskbar for their usual work.

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