Microsoft Makes Major Tweaks To Bing Chat This Week Including Posting Links To Responses On Social Media

Microsoft recently shared through a weekly update how it was making some major changes to its much talked about AI-powered Bing Search.

A total of five huge changes were made including the addition of posting up links as a part of a response on social media.

Now the new type of integration on Microsoft Edge Version 111 has these changes and users are loving the fact that they can share the chat answers with all of their pals.

As far as what is new on the app is concerned, you can say hello to sharing responses to all the top social media apps out there. This includes Facebook, Email, Pinterest, and Twitter. Simply press on the Share icon that’s located on the left of the search result.

Next, move your mouse over that result and see the response. It will be seen right next to the button for like, dislike, and more. After clicking it, you can pick such respected networks that you wish to share with and it would generate links that can be shared.

In addition to that, Microsoft says it is working hard to try and send quicker responses in Bing Chat’s balanced mode. This is a mode that gives quick responses and it’s done in an independent manner. But you cannot see the change on either the Precise or the Creative mode.

What users do end up seeing in such modes is a greater number of chat turns which have been raised to 15. And then, you’ll see a greater figure for turns each day which are now increased to 150. In the past, the figures used to be 10 turns and then 120 turns every day.

Capping such changes in the list is done to improve understanding and the chance to use this Bing preview on Skype through a group. Thanks to all such changes in contextual understanding, Bing Chat may absorb bigger amounts of such content whenever the mode is switched to Creative.

You can really notice this more and you can find bigger document summaries with chats. And when these changes are done to the likes of Skype, anyone that has access to Bing Chat may add it to group chats by simply tagging Bing and writing out their respective message.

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